AZ Synonyms

Somewhat Synonyms

A Bit and comparatively are synonyms for somewhat. Hugely is the opposite of somewhat. Here's another word list for somewhat.

1. adverb

  • A bit
  • Comparatively
  • Fairly
  • Kind of
  • Marginally
  • Moderately
  • Quite
  • Rather
  • Relatively
  • Slightly
  • Some
  • Sort of
  • Within limits
  • A shade

Somewhat in a Sentence

Pushed Undoubtedly Reform Granted Nuance Trivial Guidelines Virtual Breakdown Room Distant Horror Fulfilling Fate Solely Era Campaign Most Important Contribute Tip Bound Tall Voice Pragmatic Rage Masterpiece Names To Pervasive Generation Term Offers Noise Measure Healing Conservative Translate Certainly Synergy Joyful Over Everyone Manipulation Scene Malicious Whole Dimension Peculiar Premise Sneaky Turmoil Imagination Opposition Reckless Casual Gathering Seeing Cheerful Fool Water Surge God Affection Timid Public Widely Variable Practice Void Adversity Formed Distance Hub Disrespect Monitoring Bitter Manifestation Fan Worst Brought Speech Participation Torture Displayed Rational Arrangement Delivery Class Pity Universal Efficacy On Time Called Mandatory Mundane Employee Profit Deadly Savage Portrayed Justified Peak Deemed Pivotal Private Investment Conviction Select Aspire Consists Security Expansion Telling Began Legitimate Disagreement Ethical Literally Please Updated Futile Playful Intellectual In Turn Customer Maintenance Noble Green Exploring Biggest Abnormal Proven Neutral Grace Arbitrary Plenty Amidst Intelligence Country Condescending In Line With Emerging Correlation Very Happy Grief Across Rebel Stability Tedious Misunderstanding Pioneer Handling Bear Respectful Foolish Divided In Network Unwanted Mimic Formal Occurrence Spectacular Series Controlled Shadow Transport Student Track Attribute Colorful Market Oblivious Conscious Gained Depicts Transparent Complacent Ordinary Eye-opening Hesitant Concrete Total Coherent Manner Impulsive Paradox Devoted Left Rapidly  recognized Case All In All Restricted Ominous Extravagant Ideology Monster Intricate Credibility Unstable Relatively Narrative Collective Illusion Item Fat Encompasses Lively Bond Extent Sceptical Adamant Sympathy Compliment Impression Disturb Eccentric Finding Sick Picture Substitute Talking