AZ Synonyms

Make Synonyms

Assemble and build are synonyms for make. Destroy is the opposite of make. We have given below a collection of synonyms for "make".

1. verb

  • Assemble
  • Build
  • Compile
  • Compose
  • Construct
  • Create
  • Devise
  • Draft
  • Draw up
  • Enact
  • Establish
  • Fabricate
  • Fashion
  • Forge
  • Form
  • Form
  • Formulate
  • Found
  • Frame
  • Institute
  • Lay down
  • Make out
  • Manufacture
  • Model
  • Mould
  • Pass
  • Pen
  • Prepare
  • Produce
  • Produce
  • Put together
  • Put together
  • Shape
  • Write
  • Originate

Make in a Sentence

Consider Benefits Factors For Examples Experiences Expect Impressive Movement Cause Say Commit Ok In Contrast To Suffer Circumstance Led Honour Drive Observe Proposed Rule Conduct Search Receive Wan Waive Wary Wane Wicked Wed Wile Wield Wilt Winsome Zenith Zeal Degree Treatment Loans Recovery Mortgage Allow Conference Attorney Both Electricity Gas Donate Classes Credit Hosting Insurance Surprised Rehab Transfer Hate Claim Software Lawyer Parameter Wellbeing Secondly Gesture Heritage Devotion Budget Parameters Disturbance Payment Surface Bully Unlikely Qualified Renowned Meaningless Uneasy Coward Realm Glow Thin Namely Ineffective Stage Offensive Preliminary Fortunate Scheme Apathy Gossip Seems Xylophone Xylograph Xenophobia Zoom Zonk Out Zone Zip Zigzag Zero Zap Yoke Yodel Yip Yield Yelp Yellow Yell Yearn Yawn Yap Yank Yammer Yak Zest Xerox Xenon Justification Immoral Scarce Bleak Striking Gone Exploitation Resemble Afterwards Beloved Epiphany Liar Classy Rampant On The Contrary Captivating Ritual Sinister Unforgettable Nothing Instruction Unstoppable Prestige Unfamiliar Trash Irresponsible Validation Frequency Inequality Prohibit Daily Philosophy Forest Victory Humanity Choose Hypothesis Status Quo Unhealthy Stick Toll Worthless Exaggerated Portion Formation Horrific Regard Drunk Refreshing Substance Mandate Eerie Attraction Is Size Enrich Subordinate Digital Champion Piece Ample Wind Might Replacement Indispensable Epic Accountability Hint Accuse Systematic Marginalized Array Pros And Cons Income Revenge Property Inconsistent Distinction Heavily May Sloppy Breathtaking Spark Preferred Glimpse Domain Sarcastic Trip Lust Outside Custom Crowd Colleague Multifaceted Law Varied Faced Threshold Near Ashamed Disdain Outlook Trick Assignment Risky Composition Worry