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Fuel Synonyms

Accelerate and ammunition are synonyms for fuel. Decelerate is the opposite of fuel. We have given below a collection of synonyms for "fuel".

  • Accelerate
  • Ammunition
  • Arouse, excite,
  • Charge
  • Combustible
  • Discharge
  • Electrify
  • Encouragement
  • Energize
  • Energy
  • Fire
  • Fodder
  • Food
  • Force
  • Generate
  • Goading
  • Heat source
  • Ignite
  • Incentive
  • Incite
  • Incitement
  • Instigate
  • Jump-start
  • Kick-start
  • Kindling
  • Launch
  • Nourishment
  • Nutriment
  • Nutrition
  • Power source
  • Power
  • Propellant
  • Propellant
  • Provocation
  • Provoke
  • Push
  • Quicken
  • Reactivate
  • Recharge
  • Release
  • Stimulate
  • Stimulus
  • Stir up
  • Stoke up
  • Supply with fuel
  • Sustenance
  • Switch
  • Trip
  • Vitalize
  • Catalyze

Fuel in a Sentence

Fuels are substances that generate energy by burning in the presence of oxygen or by a chemical reaction. Fuel is a substance that produces energy. Fuel can be anything that provides energy. Fuel can be in solid, liquid, or gaseous form. Food is fuel for humans, with oxygen, water, and some minerals acting as fuel for plants, along with sunlight. In simple words, any substance that upon combustion produces a useful amount of energy is called a fuel. For example, wood, coal, biogas, LPG, petrol, diesel, etc.

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